Never underestimate la rentrée

I thought I was ready for la rentrée – i.e. going back to school, a huge affair here in France. I bought Benjy’s books way back at the beginning of July at the book fair at his lycée, and got the few new ones we needed for Caiti (on top of the ones she’s inheriting from Benj). I ordered the outstanding ones from Amazon. I had Ruadhri’s list of ‘fourniture’ filed away safely – just a few things to get there, I thought. Pretty much all dealt with. Continue reading “Never underestimate la rentrée”

Free Food

It’s the free food season here in France. The hedgerows are heavy with blackberries, apples and pears are beginning to fall from the trees, and there’s a huge crop of hazelnuts and sweet chestnuts this year, busily ripening away. We’re out at least once a day picking blackberries. With our 75 acres we can’t keep up with all the berries, but we’re having a jolly good try. It’s just not an option not to pick them! We all love blackberry and apple crumble, and there’s a winter’s worth sitting there waiting for us. We’d be mad to ignore them. Continue reading “Free Food”


Caiti and Benj are fed up. We were back at the orthodontists on Wednesday. Both of them had new wires added to their existing scaffolding. Caiti is now wired up top and bottom. Benj has boosters at the side. They both have sore teeth and sore lips and cheeks where the wires are rubbing. Ruadhri, however, is over the moon as the wire he had sorting out his wonky front teeth has been taken off, but I think something else is coming as the dentist took imprints. Ruadhri is blissfully unaware. Continue reading “Wired!”


I am going to form an association. APPLE. The Association for the Positive Promotion of Llamas Everywhere. Llamas, mainly due to Tintin, have suffered from a lot of bad press. Yes, they spit, but only at other llamas. It is extremely rare for one to spit at a person, and if it does, you can believe me that it will have a jolly good reason to. Continue reading “APPLE”

Cool pool

I’m beginning to wonder how we ever managed without our pool. It’s really making our summer. Ruadhri is in the lead with the most swims (sometimes up to 4 a day!), closely followed by Caiti. I’m next, with Benj and Chris trailing quite a way behind. Continue reading “Cool pool”

August begins

Scarily it’s the first of August today. It’s scary because we’re nearly two-thirds through the year now, and there are a lot of things still on my to-do list! It’s scary as it means we now just about halfway through the school holidays, and we haven’t given a thought to la rentrée yet. Continue reading “August begins”