We’re past the equinox, so it’s downhill all the way till the longest day in December. But we’re still having some wonderful weather – tee-shirts and shorts again. What a climate! However, we’re all too aware what’s in store so we’ve been busily building up our wood supply. Chris is attacking the fallen trees with his chainsaw and the rest of us are carrying logs to the trailer. Then we empty the trailer outside the barn and Chris, and occasionally Benjy, wields the maul and splits the logs. We’re leaving them to dry in the sunshine, while it lasts, and then the wood will be stacked up in one of the stables. We already have quite a good pile there, but we need a lot more. Continue reading “Autumn”

Bus o’clock

Now that it’s term time, our lives are governed by school buses – la ramassage scolaire – again. Monday is the worst day. I have to get two teenagers, one of whom is as not a morning person as it’s possible to be, to their bus stop 10 km away by 6.45 am. That takes some doing believe me. Everything has to be ready the night before. We briefly wondered about getting Caiti dressed the night before too and possibly even sat in the car in readiness. Yes, she’s the one who can’t get up! Continue reading “Bus o’clock”

Three to One

All of a sudden we’ve gone from three children to one child. Well, from Mondays to Fridays anyway. It’s back to school, and Benj and Caiti are now at lycée in Gueret where they are ‘penisonnaires’ (boarders) in the internat. Benj has been there a year already, but it’s all new to Caitlin. However, I’m sure she’ll settle in brilliantly. She was never worried about being away from home, even when she was little. She’s not the homesick type. Her only problem will be getting up in the morning, not something she’s good at. Continue reading “Three to One”