Polytunnel Update

Look at my polytunnel now! It wasn’t even that windy! And we positioned the tunnel next to the barn for extra protection. We wired the tunnel framework to two very heavy iron bars. They held it down fine, but the flimsy metal framework sheared or bent at all the joints. Very disappointing indeed.

If you were thinking of buying  a polytunnel, then do go for a good, sturdy one. We got ours through ebay. We’ve started a dispute since clearly the thing isn’t fit for purpose. The vendor has replied saying that he never said it was windproof! He never said it wasn’t either. If he had, we wouldn’t have touched it with a barge pole.

Maybe we should have erected it indoors…

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  1. I was just looking at a poly tunnel on ebay that looks exactly like your one. I’m not going to buy it after seeing what happened to yours.

    I hope you got a refund in the end.

    1. Hi Kate, no don’t! It was a disaster. We didn’t send it back in the end as the postage was so dear and we’re recylcling the plastic and poles in other projects. Still looking for a good robust polytunnel for next year!
      Best wishes, Stephanie

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