Another quick update. Good news. Victoria is now feeding from mum. I went in on Monday morning with her next bottle, and there she was, merrily suckling away. She gave me and the goat’s milk a withering look! So that was a huge relief. Hopefully all will go well from now on. Victoria has a short daily outing to stretch her legs in the field but we’re keeping her and Katrina in the stable until it warms up and dries out.

Here’s Victoria enjoying a brief interlude of sunshine.

We’re now awaiting the next cria. Gabby, Victoria’s granny, is due any minute now. So I must quickly make another cria coat and get some colostrum from the vet’s and goat’s milk from Carrefour … just in case this new one is another Victoria.

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  1. Awww – she is so sweet! Thank you for posting this photo. We hope to come and see your llamas soon, as our holiday house is just a few miles away.

    1. That would be great! Victoria spends most of her day racing round the field, closely pursued by Plunkett the Suri alpaca (he’s 8 months old) and Lulin, her big half-sister, who’s 14 months old. The other alpacas and llamas join in sometimes too! Gabby’s baby is due any minute now …

  2. Wonderful. What a super photo. Some people we know close by also have llamas and I have learned a huge amount about them. Could put you in touch with them if you are interested. Let me know.

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