Energetic Mince-Pie Making, A Missing Baby and Book Bags

Ruadhri is throwing himself energetically into Christmas preparations. I had just started making pastry mince pies this morning when he charged into the kitchen and announced he’d carry on for me. Never one to decline an offer of help, however unexpected and alarming, I handed over the bowl to him. OK, there would probably be quite a lot of clearing up to do afterwards since Rors has the habit of spreading cooking ingredients far and wide, but it would be worth it.

So Rors set to work. Now here is 100% commitment if ever I’ve seen it!

I shall have to get him a pinny for the next cooking session. His trousers turned white today.

Here are some of his half-finished mince-pies.

Rors had helped me the other day. I came across a scented Christmas tree decoration craft on Shannon’s lovely blog, A Mom’s Year. I could only find some grey sandpaper but it was good for a trial run. Ruadhri got busy with a muscade (nutmeg) and rubbed this enthusiastically on the sandpaper.

The end result is a beautiful Christmassy smelling little tree which we’ll hang on our bigger one. A great idea and it kept him busy for quite a while.

When she was about eight or nine, Caiti made these lovely figures at school from fabric and wallpaper paste. Originally there was Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus but we lost Jesus somewhere between Ireland and France. Caiti put up this very funny notice this year.

(If you can’t read it, it says: Reward – a donkey. Have you seen our baby? Small wrinkly son of God, King of King, Saviour of Humanity. Does not cry, even when cows wake him up.) 🙂

Now, just in case you’re running out of present ideas, over at my Books Are Cool website, I have come up with suggestions for book bags that might come in handy. Check out the link here. I’ve also put up a Christmas poem and a children’s Christmas story which you might enjoy too.


0 Replies to “Energetic Mince-Pie Making, A Missing Baby and Book Bags”

    1. No, never turn help away, especially in the kitchen!
      We need to get Benj in there more. He doesn’t seem too bothered about extending his cookering repertoire from pasta, and, well, pasta! And he’s still a little vague on how to get the dishwasher open …

  1. Does Rors feel like visting Paris? I could use some mince pie baking lessons and judging by the way that he handles a rolling pin, he seems to be quite the expert!

    Thanks for sharing Caiti’s clever note with the perfect description of baby Jesus.

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