How NOT To Leave Your Drive and Survive Accommodation

Well, seen everthing now! This is how we found the fishing cabin this morning, after the group of lads that had rented it for a week left. When they arrived it was spotless. Clients are asked to leave the facilities as they found them.

Anyone out there in the hospitality trade will sympathise, I’m sure. It’s a bit of a dog’s life at times. But what can you do? We have to make a living somehow. However, you do expect to be treated with respect.

First up, the sink. I haven’t yet investigated closely enough to discover whether the goo has been predigested.

They couldn't even do their own washing up

Next, the oven.

Table and floor. We provide a broom.

Gas fridge:

Bin we provide to put glass bottles into for recycling:

They were provided with a water container. This is what they did to it. They also ripped the table cloth up.

I don’t think I need to say anything else, do I?


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  1. Yuk. It speaks for itself, as you say. Perhaps you should institute a pre-departure inspection if possible to avoid this kind of thing in the future. I’m always astonished at how slobby ostensibly civilised people can be. Someone looked after our house once and we found some real horrors after they’d left.

    1. They snuck off very early, three hours earlier than they said they were going. Normally we’re down at the cabins on the day people leave to cast an eye over what’s going on. We were caught out this time.

    1. Sadly no. We’ve been too soft on the deposit front with the drive and survive since we’ve never had anything like this before. We’re still learning as we go. From now on, deposits, more rules and a cabin check before people leave. We hate acting like autrocrats but sadly that’s what you have to do.

  2. The deposit idea would certainly make it harder for people to get away with things like this!!! See you soon đŸ™‚ xx

    1. Actually yes and no, JJ. We’re in a bit of a lose- lose situation. If we do keep money back out of a deposit, you can bet your bottom dollar that the person will be highly indignant and very unpleasant about it. And if they haven’t already given feedback to angling lines, then it won’t be nice when it comes. It’s tough!

    1. Cleaned up all their litter today round where they’d been fishing. they’d chucked bottles everywhere, fag ends, discarded fishing line which is what no proper angler would ever do, teabags, plastic bags etc etc. Completely unbelievable.
      See you very soon now! XXX

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