Still Rabbiting On About Superstitions – And A Giveaway!

When I was little, it was the thing to say ‘White Rabbits’ three times on the first of each month. It was meant to be lucky. I guess some months it was, and some it wasn’t. I’ve tried to find out where this idea came from, but other than it possibly being an extension of a rabbit’s foot being a lucky charm, I’ve drawn a blank. If anyone does know, please let me know.

Made in Peru

Anyway, I’m using the white rabbit connection to launch this giveaway on 1st October. Here’s what’s up for grabs – a cute, carrot-eating white rabbit finger puppet made from alpaca wool. If you want it,  here’s what you do. Leave a comment on this post. That = one entry. And following me on Twitter –  @llamamum – and Tweeting me along the lines of ‘I wanna win the wabbit’ is also an entry! So, you could get two tries to win!

September is ending in a blaze of sunshine and calm weather. It’s fantastic. I’m still swimming every day. Admittedly the water is a little chilly at around 20 degrees, but after a few lengths I’ve gone numb, so it’s no hardship to do another thirty or so. OK, I have to put on socks and a woolly jumper for a while after a get out, and sit and crack walnuts in the sunshine until my heart starts to beat again, but it’s worth it. I love swimming. I’ll keep going for a daily dip until the water drops to about 16 or 17 degrees. That’s truly painful, believe me. Or until the water level gets too low. We have a leak which we will need to sort out in the spring before the swimming season begins. It will be cool to be still swimming in the pool in October – that will be the sixth month this year. It almost makes all the expense worth it!

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  1. Steph

    What a coincidence!

    My doctor has just told me to rush out and get a nice calming finger puppet (preferably made of Alpaca wool) to see if it reduces my psychopath tendencies!

    Winning this would keep me out of an asylum and may well save some poor victim from a hideous death?

    All the best


  2. I wouldn’t want to deprive Keith of his anti-psychopathic win so if it comes to a play-off I shall chivalrously withdraw. I don’t know anything about the White Rabbits, I’m afraid. I never heard it when I was young.

    I am still swimming – unheard of in early October for me. Our pool is around 22C, which is just about bearable if you swim up and down fast. We have to sort out our pool’s mould problem before next season.

    1. You’re entered Vanessa. Draw imminent. With the heat pump running for a few hours a day (works out at 14 cents per hour so not too bad) we’ve got the pool up to 24 degrees. Ruadhri and I have been swimming at 7pm the last couple of days. Now that really isn’t bad for October. I suspect this is a record hot one at the moment – I shall look forward to your weather report at the end of the month.

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