You Know You’re Fully Frenchified When …

You may be an ex-pat, but you know you’re as French as you’ll ever be when:

  1. It no longer even occurs to you to go shopping at lunchtime.

    You dunk your croissant in your coffee.

  3. You shrug at least ten times during every conversation.
  4. You blame everything on Parisians.
  5. You actually enjoy French television programmes.
  6. You wouldn’t dream of coming back from the shops without a baguette and a tub of fromage blanc.
  7. You arrive everywhere half an hour late.
  8. You sing along to Jonny Halliday records.
  9. You no longer hanker after Heinz salad cream or McVitie’s digestives.
  10. You know the names of a good few of France’s 629 different types of cheese.

Any more suggestions?

Daily snippets for 28 April:

Today’s Saint: St Valerie, martyred in the second century

Famous French person born this day: in 1912, Odette Sansome Hallowes, French resistance worker

Famous French person who died this day: Peter Chanel, missionary and martyr

Today’s French word: patriotique – patriotic

Today’s expression: les grands esprits se recontrent – great minds think alike


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  1. I’ve found out where I read all the comments and replies – took me a while for some reason – bit slow!! How do some folk get pics by the name?

  2. Hi Pat,

    The picture is a Globally recognised avatar or Gravatar; you set up an account with or with The username and pic is associated with your email and as you usually have to give an email to leave comments the site automagically retrieves the pic (gravatar).

    Hope this helps.



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