Alder Is Alive Again

The 2012 holiday season is underway. Our first anglers arrived today for a week’s fishing on Alder Lake. It’s good to get things going again, and also good that the non-income period is over! They are return clients. They were so taken by the cats on their last visit that they’ve brought some tins of cat food with them this time as a treat for our felines. That’s lovely!

The lake looks tremendous. All our hard work lopping off low branches and thinning out the alders when it was frozen was well worth it. Oh, but it was tough at the time!

The clocks go forward tonight which is disastrous. I was planning a tirade about it but I don’t have the energy now after a busy day, and it won’t do any good anyway. But I do wish the Minister of Clocks would just leave them alone. I can’t see the point of changing every six months. If he or she had to get our Caiti out of bed this coming Monday – the first one after Black Sunday when we lose an hour  – well, he or she would stop doing it at once. It isn’t pleasant! And the rest of us are all fairly crabby for a few days since we’re all tired too.

We have summer-like weather again, around 24 degrees or so. But still no lambs and still no swallows, to my surprise. I’ve heard that they’ve made it to southern France, but not Creuse yet. I wish they’d hurry up …

Finally a quick update from Benj, received literally this second, regarding his second place in UniLim’s got Talent (see yesterday’s blog). There were ten contestants and a crowd of 350. He hasn’t been offered a contract yet by a talent scout, but he’s optimistic!

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  1. The lake looks beautiful – your anglers are lucky people.

    SInce I already “sprang forward” while I was in Boston, it doesn’t seem so bad this time around. But maybe that’s because we get up much later in the city than you do in the country!

    Good luck getting Caiti out of bed tomorrow morning. Tell her that your readers are waiting for a report! 😉

  2. The daylight savings time has never really bothered me. I have become both a morning and a night person. I read in the evenings until late which now that summer is heading my way I need to get to bed earlier. It drives me nuts when I wake up late (9 or 10) and know how much of the day I have missed!

    Of course, I am no longer a teenager and I remember well my Mother’s response to my sleeping in on the weekend – she would start the washing machine that wasn’t far from my bedroom and that definitely woke up a very-crabby young lady!

    What a pleasant view the anglers have to wake up to! I love tenting beside a lake!

    1. You sound like you were like what my daughter is now! She can stay in bed till 11! I’ve been known to do some hoovering or to set the dishwasher going to drop a few hints that it’s time to get up.

  3. It’s surprising but it does take a few days to get used to the time change. I must admit I prefer having the lighter evenings but that’s probably because we’re not under any compulsion to get up particularly early.

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