Easter Morning – Treasure, Lambs (Chocolate) And Seeds

I was up at the crack of dawn – well, OK, 7 o’clock but it felt like the crack of dawn – laying out the clues for the Ruadhri’s Easter Egg treasure hunt and Caiti’s Easter geocache trail. It’s our Easter tradition to make the kids work for their chocolate.

One of Ruadhri's clues

A cuckoo was calling and I caught a glimpse of it flying between trees.

A geocache for Caiti

There were some deer in Dog Leg Field which I saw and the cats saw, but Nessie the dog didn’t!

Unobservant dog in foreground, deer in background

Dog Leg is a huge field, currently with cereals in but we’re thinking of grassing it for next year.

Wendy and Voltaire tagged along too in case food was involved somewhere. They went on strike part of the way round.

Can has rest pliz? (I'm speaking Lolcat here btw)

Rors was soon up and completed his trail successfully, without any help at all. He demanded harder clues for next year! They weren’t that easy, but I learnt not to be too cryptic with our Benj. He’d get into such a sulk if he couldn’t work out a clue. So, Rors got his reward – possibly the only lamb we will see today. No. 27 is still holding out but her belly is practically dragging along the ground so surely it can’t be much longer now!

Easter chocolate lamb

I did Easter boxes for everyone this year, including Chris. He got a garden gnome for the polytunnel and coriander seeds in his.

Talking of seeds, we’ve found a good way to get seeds germinating. One lot of tomatoes and my anis (aniseed) and pepper seeds were staying soundly asleep, so we sprinkled some more onto damp tissue which we rolled up and put in a plastic bag in a warm spot – on top of the fridge just above the heat displacement thingy. Lo and behold, they’ve sprung into life.

Sprouting anis seeds

I’ve also been making some recycled seed pots out of toilet roll inners. Very easy. Cut five slits  a couple of cms long at roughly even intervals around one end and then tuck those in and you have a little pot. They tend to be a bit wobbly so you’ll need to put them in a container of some sort or tie them together with string for stability in the greenhouse. But once the seedling is growing well, dig a hole and shove them out as they are into the garden. The cardboard will soon rot away and you’re left with your healthy plant.

That's my homemade egg rack in the background, courtesy of Rors and Chris

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All that remains is to say is Happy Easter!

Rors and his Easter box of surprises





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  1. One of your cats is Wendy? Yay! I’ve never heard of a Wendy cat. They look very cute sitting there. I do love the toilet paper roll seedling idea. I’ve also embraced the plastic-bottle-with-bottom-cut-off mini-greenhouse since there’s not enough space here for the real thing. Is No.27 the one with the twins? Maybe you’ll get an extra Easter gift today if they arrive!

    1. Still no lambs 🙁
      And yes, we have a cat called Wendy. She’s a real poppet, very quiet and affectionate, but has an unfortunate habit of considering the house to be her indoor loo!

  2. Good idea to make them work for their choc – I’m sure they’ll enjoy it more that way. We had a naughty pain au chocolat on Friday but didn’t have to work very hard for it!

    Have a lovely day.

  3. That’s a clever way to use paper toilet rolls! I wish that I could donate mine to the cause.

    Poor #27. I hope that she goes into labor soon!

    Happy Easter!

    1. We all hope No. 27 will co-operate too. My night-time meanderings round the sheep field are taking their toll. However, last night I saw two hedgehogs, so that made it worthwhile.

  4. I think the toilet roll planters are a great idea, too. And I think we need to up the challenge level of our Easter basket hunts. Ours are indoors and they’re over so quickly because the kids know all the hiding places!

    1. We’ll never be short of planters again now! French toilet rolls seem to have suspiciously few sheets on them – we end up with several cardboard rolls a week to use.

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