Funny Animal Photos

The infection I’ve had for a few days has left me feeling like I’ve been hit by a train, so here a few fun animals photos for today. Back to proper blogging tomorrow, all being well!

Llamas love rolling
Cats like drinking
Dogs like sleeping upsidedown
Turkeys like pecking
Guinea-pigs like hiding from the rain
Cats like chicken
Rors likes being a moose!
Baby alpacas like sleeping
Chickens don't like snow!






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  1. Awwwww, those are some cute pictures.

    Take care of yourself and get better soon. I hope that you’re curled up and as cozy as your cat – just not on top of a carton of beer!

    1. I have no idea why Treacle decided to sit in the box of beer bottles that day. I don’t make a habit of it either, don’t worry! I slump in my armchair by the fire and the rest of family know to leave it alone. Not the cats though. They make a beeline for it any time they manage to get into the house!

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