Impulse Buying – Achats d’Impulsion

I made an impulse buy this morning. And I’ve bucked all the trends by doing so. I’ll explain.

1. According to research, impulse buys are most likely to happen in large towns and cities, and not in rural areas. I made mine at quiet Boussac’s Thursday market.

2. Young people are the biggest impulse buyers. Up to 90% of under 25s impulse buy, whereas it’s only 37% of 50 year olds. I’m not quite 50 yet, so there was, let’s say, only around a 38% chance that I would make an achat d’impulsion today. But I did.

3. Men are more likely to impulse buy than women. It’s true. And they spend more. In the UK men spend £25 on impulse buys, against £19 by women. This is a scary amount in both cases and adds up to around £70,000 over an adult’s lifetime. Wow! Well, I’m not a guy, but I also didn’t spend £19. I’m still not fitting the profile.

4. The most popular impulse buys are clothes, DVDs, books, booze and magazines. My purchase didn’t fall into that category.

So – what was my impulse buy? Two cou-nu chickens, about 5 weeks old! They cost €2.80 each.

Arriving home

It’s Chris’s fault. He needed to go to the hardware shop for some more plumbing bits and pieces. He persuaded me to come along for the ride, since I’m a bit down in the dumps at the mo. So I did. And after we’d been to Boussac Brico, we decided to stroll round the market. This ended up with us going to the poultry stall to order our turkeys (5 whites, 2 bronzes and 2 blacks this year), and that’s when I made my impulse chicken buy.

Now I unexpectedly had my young chickens, I needed food for them. I only have blé at home. So we had to go to Gamm Vert for that. That’s a garden centre, so that meant we also ended up buying more seeds, and also 15 lettuces and 12 beetroot seedlings to inspire our struggling ones at home. See what a slippery slope this impulse buying lark is?

Still, that should satisfy my coup de tête retail therapy urges for a while. Chris can breathe easily again!

Settling in


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  1. CHICKENS!! I’d love some chickens but we’d have to give up BBQs and the tiny vegie patch. I like the follow-on purchases required (I just bought a wisteria climber which meant I had to buy a garden arch as well. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve been down in the dumps. I hope that your “retail therapy” helped! Caring for those cute little chicks will certainly keep a smile to your face.

    Interesting that men are more likely to impulse buy than women. Aside from the plumbing bits and pieces, what did Chris find to take home?!

  3. I’m green with envy – I’d LOVE to keep chickens!
    Sorry to hear that you are a bit down – hopefully the spring will perk you up again! (Otherwise take a trip to Switzerland and I’ll entertain you and cheer you up!)

    1. I can’t get my head round you not being allowed to keep chickens in Switzerland. Two chucks in your garden laying eggs wouldn’t bother anyone else and they’re not a health hazard. Cockerels I can understand being banned because they’re antisocial nuisances with the noise they make. But not a Molly or a Mary or a Cynthia. Our Cynthia is like a dog -she follows us everywhere and is probably the friendliest chicken we’ve ever had.
      I’m perking up thanks. Age and hormones, a potent mix. Meeting you would certainly cheer me up. Hopefully one day in the not too distant future …

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