Ruadhri’s Radish Recipe

The radishes are already starting to build up. They’re doing brilliantly in the polytunnel. I’m pleased to say that most things are thriving as well, apart from the peppers, which I can’t get to germinate, and the spring onions. Those were very old seeds though.

Ruadhri loves radishes served with butter and salt, à la française. He frequently fetches a plate for me or Chris bearing a radish accompanied by enough butter and enough salt to clog our arteries permanently! We nibble judiciously.

Here’s how to do serve them with a little more restraint.

Cut a small sliver out of each radish and replace it with a thin sliver butter. Gently sqiashing a tiny amount of margarine into the gap works just as well. Serve the radishes on a plate, either with a small amount of salt for them to be rolled in before eating, or with the salt in a bowl for them to be dipped into. It’s a very tasty combination and extremely more-ish. Which is just as well, since these are only the first of many hundreds, possibly thousands, of radishes that we’ll be growing this year!

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  1. Radishes, butter and salt are one of my favorite springtime treats! My grandparents, who were of Norwegian descents, always made radish sandwiches. The recipe is easy – two slices of bread, butter, salt and radish slices. Yum!

    Chris and you are lucky that Ruadhri prepares the radishes for you! Does he offer delivery service to Paris?!

  2. Looks good. I like red radishes and I love the French way of serving them. Have you tried the black variety? They are rather hot (and I’ve never liked hot things). A friend served them with apéros once and I almost choked!

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