Snow On Tuesday – It’s Cold In Creuse

I’m cancelling Cheese on Tuesday this week because of the snow. We’ve waited all winter for it, so now that it’s here, it’s time for a snowy blog. Boursin can wait yet another week!

Nessie surveys the scene

It’s not the snowiest it’s ever been here at Les Fragnes, but it’s pretty impressive. We were on vigilance orange (orange alert) for snow all of yesterday, but it didn’t start falling till we were walking back with Rors from Nouzerines around half past five last night. And it just kept going. Announcements were made online and on the radio in the evening that school transport was cancelled in Creuse for the 31st Jan so Ruadhri went to bed happy in knowing that he’d be skiving off next day.

Ruadhri in the snow

The animals have varying reactions. Nessie loves it. The young cats were wary at first and aren’t massively impressed but are taking it in their stride. Suddenly Wendy doesn’t look quite so white any more.

Wendy looks a bit grubby!

The camelids are being wimpy so far. They’ve been hanging around the stable and not venturing far. But that could have something to do with the new bale of hay we put out for them in there two days ago. Llamas and alpacas are equally greedy.

No one's going far

The chickens and turkeys don’t like snow. Limpy has found a cosy place to shelter.

Limpy Chick and Number 28

We had a walk round the big lake after we’d sorted out the livestock. The trees are beautiful down there.

And finally my attempt at an artistic shot!

Off to check out what the road is like next and then after dinner I think a bit of sledging is in order. Usually we sledge down the hill and out onto the frozen lake – great fun. However, the lake isn’t frozen yet so we need to remember to brake in time!

Stay safe and warm if you’re snowy too.


0 Replies to “Snow On Tuesday – It’s Cold In Creuse”

    1. We had a long wait for our snow this year. Just been out sledging. Managed quite a few runs before the snow got too sticky 🙁 Should be brill tomorrow after it freezes overnight!

  1. Relieved to see in the comment section that you’ve been sledding and made it back in one piece. I imagined you forgetting to apply the brake and flying into the lake. It really looks like a winter wonderland, while Paris looks grey, miserable and yucky!

    One of these days, I’m going to need a lesson on all of the place names that you mention. Is Les Fragnes the name of your farm or the name of your town?

    Good call on preempting the Boursin post for this one!

    1. We had a great time sledging until the snow got too sticky! Re the names, sorry if I’ve been confusing – Les Fragnes is our farm, Nouzerines is the local village and Boussac is the nearest town.
      It’s about to get very cold here. We’ll be bringing the last animals into stables tomorrow so that no one’s left outside or without somewhere cosy to shelter.

    1. I love how the cold weather makes you want warm comfort food. We’ve been eating a lot of bacon and cheese croissants and pumpkin soup. More snow heading here and the sub-zero temps will continue for another ten days. I’ll be glad to see the back of them!

    1. We’ve got more coming soon. As I commented to Shannon, the snow and cold are hard work on the farm with all the extra animal care. Added to which Chris twisted his knee sledging and is hobbling round on a stick, having only just got over his chipped hip. So I’m chief wood and hot water lugger for the time being. But Rors is happy at school being cancelled yesterday. Think he’s back tomorrow as the roads seem better now so think school bus will be running again. Hope so – then I don’t have to share the sledge with him. I can have it all to myself!

  2. Your photos are lovely. I think snow clinging to branches is one of the most beautiful things in the world. We’ve hardly had any snow here at all this year. Most people are very unhappy about this, but I love not having below-zero temperatures for a change!

    1. I don’t mind a bit of snow for a short time. Rors has had a day of school cancelled, so he’s content with winter now. However, it’s incredibly cold and will be for the next ten days. I’m already getting fed up with it! Have to break ice in the animal buckets every few hours and top them up with hot water, give them all extra hay and lug lots of logs indoors for the fire. And it takes ages to wrap up before going out and then unwrap afterwards, leaving trails of melting snow everywhere! Roll on summer …

  3. Nessie and Daisy could be twins!! How cold is it?! We didn’t reach higher than -3 here in Souillac today, but only a few flakes of snow. Looks like you have heaps of snow.

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