A Week Ago And A Week To Go

Well, it’s the last full week of the school holidays. Where have they gone? They always tend to go very quickly since it’s our busiest time with the gite and lakes, on top of the farm, family and other business. And this year quite a bit of time was taken up getting Caiti ready for Canada. She’s now been in Montreal for a week.

Here she is at the start of her journey at Chateauroux railway station a week ago. She managed OK crossing Paris with her large suitcase but apparently there aren’t many escalators on the RER light railway system. Poor Caiti.

caiti canada chateauroux

She seems to be embracing Canadian culture, in particular the culinary side of things. As she says, she’s shopping for food based on novelty rather than nutritional value! Her diet seems to have been largely pop tarts, froot loops and maple syrup and bacon pancakes so far – which actually sounds pretty wonderful if maybe not the healthiest!

Caiti’s departure last Monday was swiftly followed by budgie Maple Syrup’s arrival. We’re not trying to replace her, honestly – Maple’s a boy anyway! I mentioned him my A Tale of Two Budgies blog. He now has a few more toys in his cage and seems happy at home. He chatters along when the TV and radio are on, and seems to be quite fond of jazz! I’ve enjoyed my first week of Budgie ownership.

budgie peck stone mirror budgie 25aug

Rors probably won’t enjoy his last week of hols though. School is looming like a grey cloud over the horizon and dampening his spirits. He’s happy enough at school, but holidays are definitely more fun, and the early morning starts to get the school bus aren’t that appealing for any of us. We’ve bought the fournitures (school supplies), which is always a bit of an ordeal, so only have footwear and a few more clothes to sort out. And a week to do it in!

Rors would rather sail his boat than go back to school!

Rors would rather sail his boat than go back to school!


Indispensable Indeed!

Le pub (properly la publicité – promotional leaflets and booklets) still lands in our mailbox with a reverberating thud every week. Amongst the numerous rentrée (back to school) special offers and the usual assortment of fold-outable pictures of meat was a gardening catalogue from Bakker. And in that is this!

guinea pig ornament

Who on earth came up with the bright idea of manufacturing resin guinea pigs to sit amongst your flowers or veggies? It’s hardly the sort of critter you tend to find in flower beds, at least not outside South America. Is it really worth plundering the earth’s resources to make these things? I suspect that the manufacturer was trying to make something else rather more useful and wholesome which went horribly wrong, but fortunately resembled a cochon d’Inde.

But should you be tempted, then now’s the time to tell you that I can do better than Bakker. I can provide you with a much more eco-friendly, real live guinea pig that will sit and pose in your garden too. Admittedly not for long as it will probably run and cower in the bushes most of the time, but occasionally you’ll get a glimpse. Until something eats it.

guinea pic like ornament

So send me a map of where you live and I’ll give it to one of our zillion (OK, twenty-odd, but it seems like a zillion) guinea pigs and send it on its way to your garden. Could take a while…